Name: Amandine Desille

Host Institution: MIGRINTER. Université de Poitier

Profile: During my Masters, I carried out a research on rural development in China, under the auspices of the International Labor Organization (ILO). In parallel, I did my Master’s field research on the links and gaps between NGO services for Chinese migrants and the migrants’ needs. After I completed my studies, I started working in the Weitz Center for Development Studies as an academic coordinator. I was in charge of designing professional training programs on local and territorial economic development for developing countries’ executives. Apart from academic coordination, I also taught different modules related to poverty eradication, local governments’ role in local economic development, project formulation and management and grant writing. Finally, I identified, designed and promoted cooperation projects with our network of alumni. In parallel, I have engaged in research work. I realized a six-month research on the linkages between State and Civil Society integration services for young Latin American immigrants in Israel for the Hebrew Aid Society. Since August 2012, I worked as a research assistant at the Institute for Immigration and Social Integration in Ruppin, Israel on the socio-economic integration of French new immigrants who use French language in their everyday work in Israel. I realized semi-direct interviews with entrepreneurs and employees in this sector.


         Scientific Publications:

         Conference Presentations:

  • CONFERENCE/ EVENT: Sussex Migration Graduate Conference. TITLE: “Exclusion within integration? Reframing of deservingness for beneficiaries of the Law of
    Return in Israel—between moral obligations and economic development imperatives”. DATE and PLACE: 26-27 April 2017, University of Sussex, Brighton, UK
  • CONFERENCE/ EVENT: Seminar “International migrations and New Local Governance”. TITLE: “Rescaling of immigration policymaking and policies: Toward a local interpretation of the Law of Return”. DATE AND PLACE: 10-11 December 2015, Poitiers, FR
  • CONFERENCE/ EVENT: Integrim Third Annual Conference. TITLE: “Making sense of Working Package 4”. Co-presented with Franz Buhr and Margot Delon. DATE AND PLACE: 18-20 November 2015, Koç University, Istanbul, TR
  • CONFERENCE/ EVENT: “Rethinking integration.
 New perspectives on adaptation and settlement in the era of superdiversity”, IRiS and SAST Conference. TITLE: “Integration narratives in times of crisis: an assessment of how the (Spanish) Basque Country and Israel cope with the principle of solidarity”. Presented with Tina Magazzini. DATE AND PLACE: 2 July 2015, University of Birmingham, UK
  • CONFERENCE/ EVENT: Séminaire annuel du réseau migrations “L’expérience migratoire: de la parole aux dispositifs”. TITLE: “De l’immigré au politicien – le récit de vie pour dévoiler les motivations politiques des élus locaux immigrés” . DATE AND PLACE: 16-17 June 2015, Poitiers, FR
  • CONFERENCE/ EVENT: Scientific Workshop “Social integration policies and equitable cities”. TITLE: “The various meanings of immigrant integration policies and programs in Israeli peripheral towns”. DATE AND PLACE: 28-29 May 2015, IGOT, Lisbon University, PT
  • CONFERENCE/ EVENT: Master students’ seminar on international community work. TITLE: “Immigration and immigrants as assets: Programs and policies’ issues”. DATE AND PLACE: 22 July 2014. University Ben Gurion, Eilat, IL
  • CONFERENCE/ EVENT: Diversity in the City: Shifting Realities and Ways Forward. TITLE: “Bringing back human agency in integration policy”. DATE AND PLACE: 27 June 2014. IGOT. Lisboa, PT
  • CONFERENCE/ EVENT: Advanced workshop of the immigration and demography studies community. TITLE: “Bringing back human agency in integration policy”. DATE AND PLACE: 9 June 2014. Ruppin Academic Center, Emek Hefer, IL
  • CONFERENCE/ EVENT: “Pushing the Boundaries of Migration Studies: Perspectives from the U.S. and France”. TITLE: “Integration policies in Israeli local governments: is the ‘glocalization’ approach relevant?”. DATE AND PLACE: 5 May 2014. Harvard University, Cambridge, US

        Other scientific activities:

  • ROLE: Co-coordinator of the Réseau Migrations, network of young French researchers in migration studies. DATE: Since 2004 
  • ROLE: Member of the scientific committee. CONFERENCE/EVENT: Colloquium for the 30th anniversary of Migrinter research lab at University of Poitiers. DATE AND PLACE: 21-24 June 2016, Poitiers, France.
  • ROLE: Member of the scientific committee. CONFERENCE/ EVENT: Seminar “International migrations and New Local Governance” organised with Dr. Thomas Lacroix. DATE AND PLACE: 10-11 December 2015, Poitiers, France.
  • ROLE: Member of the organisation committee. CONFERENCE/ EVENT: Séminaire annuel du réseau migrations “L’expérience migratoire : de la parole aux dispositifs”. DATE AND PLACE: 16-17 June 2015, Poitiers, France.
  • ROLE: Member of the organisation committee. CONFERENCE/ EVENT: Séminaire annuel du réseau migrations “Nouvelles migrations, nouveaux concepts, nouvelles méthodes. Vers une réflexion critique sur l’enthousiasme pour la nouveauté dans le champ des migrations”. DATE AND PLACE: 23-24 June 2014, Poitiers, France.

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