Name: Jil Ahrens

Host Institution: Instituto de Geografia e Ordenamento do Territorio. Universidade de Lisboa.

Profile: Jill Ahrens is a PhD candidate in the School of Global Studies at the University of Sussex and currently also a Marie Curie Research Fellow in the Institute of Geography and Spatial Planning (IGOT) at the University of Lisbon. Her doctoral research focuses on the onward migration of Nigerians within the European Union for which she carried out fieldwork in Germany, the UK and Spain. Prior to that Jill worked as a researcher at the Sussex Centre for Migration Research on two projects related to international student migration, as well as the Migrations between Africa and Europe (MAFE) longitudinal survey. She has many years of experience in migrants’ rights advocacy through her involvement with several refugee community organisations. Jill has an interdisciplinary background that includes politics, economics, cultural studies and research methods – gaining an MSc in Comparative and Cross-Cultural Research Methods and an MA in Migration Studies from the University of Sussex. She also holds an BA (Hons) in European Studies and Modern Languages from the University of Manchester.


         Scientific Publications:

  • AHRENS, J., KELLY, M. AND VAN LIEMPT, I. (2016) “Free movement? The onward migration of EU citizens born in Somalia, Iran and Nigeria“, Population, Space and Place, Vol. 22, No. 1, pp. 84–98.

         Conference Presentations:

  • CONFERENCE/ EVENT: Workshop, Migration and mobilities in an urbanising world TITLE: “The interactions between migration aspirations and capabilities in Nigerian onward mobilities.” DATE AND PLACE: 16-17 June 2016, Utrecht University, NL
  • CONFERENCE/ EVENT: INTEGRIM scientific thematic workshop: WP3 Migrant Labour Market Integration. TITLE: “Integration, onward migration and wellbeing: Experiences of (im)mobility amongst Nigerians in Europe.” DATE AND PLACE: 18 June 2015, University of Sussex, Brighton, UK
  • CONFERENCE/ EVENT: Conference on Migration and Crisis – understanding migration dynamics from Mediterranean Europe in the context of economic and financial crisis. TITLE: “Effects of the economic crisis on third-country nationals in Spain: new semi-legal (im)mobilities amongst Nigerian migrants.” DATE AND PLACE: 19-20 May 2015, Technische Universität Chemnitz, DE
  • CONFERENCE/ EVENT: Encontros mensais sobre Experiências Migratórias, Centro de Investigação e Estudos de Sociologia (CIES). TITLE: “Seeking Greener Pastures: Intra-European onward migration of Nigerian migrants.” DATE AND PLACE: 9 April 2015, ISCTE-Instituto Universitário de Lisboa, PT
  • CONFERENCE/ EVENT: Workshop Doutoral do Instituto de Geografia e Ordenamento do Territorio (IGOT). TITLE: “The (re)shaping of Nigerian families through onward migration and multi-sited transnationalism”. DATE AND PLACE: 4 February 2015, Universidade de Lisboa, PT
  • CONFERENCE/ EVENT: INTEGRIM scientific meeting. TITLE: “Onwards and Upwards? Onward migration and social mobility within the European Union” DATE AND PLACE: 9 December 2014, Budapest, HU
  • CONFERENCE/ EVENT: COMPAS workshop on Global Onward Migration (invited panel member). TITLE: “Onwards and Upwards? Intra-EU onward migration and social mobility across segmented labour markets” DATE AND PLACE: 19-22 September 2014, Oxford, UK
  • CONFERENCE/ EVENT: African Studies Association UK international conference. TITLE: “Repositionings in Diasporic Space: Onward Migration and Multi-Sited Transnationalism of Nigerian families” DATE AND PLACE: 9-11 September 2014, Brighton, UK
  • CONFERENCE/ EVENT: African Studies Association UK international conference TITLE: “”I Don’t Think They Want Us To Leave”: Impacts of the Spanish Financial Crisis on the Rights and Mobility of Nigerians” DATE AND PLACE: 9-11 September 2014, Brighton, UK