Name: Kingsley Madueke

Host Institution:  Amsterdam Institute for Social Science Research (AISSR), University of Amsterdam (UvA)

Profile: Kingsley Madueke is from Jos, a hilly city in central Nigeria. He has a Masters in Conflict Management and Peace Studies from University of Jos, Nigeria. His research interests include terrorism and ethno-religious violence, political instability, radicalization and how these factors interrelate and impact on peoples and societies. Kingsley has witnessed unrests firsthand in Jos, a once peaceful city recently disturbed by intergroup clashes between Muslims and Christians and violent extremism in the form of suicide bombings and other kinds of attack. He has been part of a number of research projects on the security challenges in Nigeria and have written on these issues as a journalist with Radio Nigeria and a freelance for Radio Netherlands. He is currently carrying out his PhD study under the INTEGRIM programme in Amsterdam Institute for Social Science Research (AISSR), University of Amsterdam, with focus on violent extremism/ ethnic violence in urban environments.

         Conference Presentations:

  • CONFERENCE/EVENT: INTEGRIM Scientific Thematic Workshop: Social Integration Policies and Equitable Cities TITLE: “Group concentration and collective violence: towards a dynamic understanding of urban conflict” DATE AND PLACE: 28 – 29 May, 2015, Luso‐ American Foundation (FLAD), Lisbon, PT
  • CONFERENCE/EVENT: Scientific meeting WP4: Urban Integration, residential patterns and mobility. TITLE: “Residential Segregation and Violent Extremism in Urban Environments: Possible Lessons from Jos, Nigeria” DATE AND PLACE: 9 December 2014. Central European University, Budapest, HU
  • CONFERENCE/EVENT: INTEGRIM 2nd Annual Conference TITLE: “Residential segregation and violent extremism” DATE AND PLACE: 8 – 12 December, 2014. Central European University, Budapest, HU