Name: Margot Delon

Host Institution: Instituto de Geografia e Ordenamento do Territorio. Universidade de Lisboa.

Profile: Margot Delon is a PhD student at the Observatoire Sociologique du Changement, Sciences Po/CNRS, Paris, and a Marie Curie Early Stage Researcher in the Institute of Geography and Spatial Planning (IGOT) at the University of Lisbon, as part of the INTEGRIM Initial Training Network. She studied at Sciences Po, where she obtained a Master’s degree in Sociology in 2012, and at the Katholieke Universiteit of Leuven, Belgium. In 2011, she briefly worked for a city hall, and from 2013 to 2015, she taught sociology and qualitative methods at Sciences Po. During her studies, Margot developed research interests including urban experiences, migratory and ethnoracial dynamics, social stratification, socialization and memory processes. Her thesis focuses on the biographical incidences of residential experiences of segregation and on the making of trajectories and memories of migrants and their descendants. In particular, she is examining the case of French Post World War II slums (“bidonvilles”) and tracks down previous inhabitants who grew up in such contexts to see the potential effects of having lived in slums. Her fieldwork consisted mainly of: interviews with previous inhabitants of different origin, gender and generation, localized observations, archive work and exploratory statistics. This protocol of investigation was followed in the two cities that previously hosted the largest shares of slums in France, Nanterre and Champigny-sur-Marne, in the Parisian metropolis. Margot is now writing her dissertation in Lisbon to complete her doctoral studies.

         Scientific Publications:

  • DELON, M. (2017) “Les incidences biographiques de la ségrégation. Trajectoires et mémoires des enfants des bidonvilles de l’après-guerre en France”, Unpublished dissertation, Sciences Po, Paris.
  • DELON, M. (2017) “Les liens de la mémoire. Sociabilité et visibilité à travers un blog d’anciens habitants des cités de transit de Nanterre”, Sociologie, vol.8 n°1, pp. 23-38.
  • DELON, M. (2016) “Un espace à trois dimensions“, Dossiers Penser l’espace en sociologie. June, 16th, 2016.
  • DELON, M. (2014) “Faire mémoire(s) de lieux disparus” Ethnologie française, vol.44, n°2, pp.341-35.

         Conference Presentations:

  • CONFERENCE/ EVENT: 2d Biennale de sociologie de l’urbain et des territoires (AFS – RT9). TITLE: “Expériences de la ségrégation et rapport aux inégalités. Trajectoires et mémoires des enfants des bidonvilles de l’après-guerre.” DATE and PLACE: September 2016, Université de Toulouse Jean Jaurès, FR
  • CONFERENCE/ EVENT: 19e colloque de l’AIDELF, Session Relations intergénérationnelles. TITLE: “Du bidonville aux HLM? Analyser les dynamiques de transmission intergénérationnelle du statut résidentiel”. DATE and PLACE: June 2016, University of Strasbourg, FR
  • CONFERENCE/ EVENT: Séminaire Cities are back in town. TITLE:Les incidences biographiques de la ségrégation” DATE and PLACE: April 2016, Sciences Po, FR
  • CONFERENCE/ EVENT: Integrim 3d Annual Conference, Co-presented with Franz Buhr et Amandine Desille. TITLE:WP4 – Urban integration, residential patterns and mobility”. DATE and PLACE: November 2015, Koç University, Istanbul, TR
  • CONFERENCE/ EVENT: 12th conference of the European Sociological Association, RN Biographical perspectives on European Societies. TITLE: “Migrants at the ordeal of bidonville. Biographical consequences of a residential experience”. DATE and PLACE: August 2015. Prague, CZ
  • CONFERENCE/ EVENT: Congrès de l’Association Française de Sociologie, RT Classes, inégalités, fragmentations. TITLE:La mobilité sociale au prisme de la mémoire. Les récits des enfants des bidonvilles”. DATE and PLACE: June 2015, Université de Versailles-Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines, FR
  • CONFERENCE/ EVENT: workshop Memory on the move. Theory and Methodology of Memory and Migration. TITLE: “Between ‘here’ and ‘there’. Looking at the spatial frames of migrants’ memories”. DATE and PLACE: September 2014. ISTME, Budapest, HU
  • CONFERENCE/ EVENT: colloque Penser l’espace en sociologie. TITLE:Un espace à trois dimensions”. DATE and PLACE: July 2014. AISLF-CITERES, Université de Tours, FR
  • CONFERENCE/ EVENT: Crossing borders. Emigration, race and ethnicity in comparative perspective. TITLE: “Immigration through the lens of local memories”. DATE and PLACE: June 2014. Sciences Po – UCLA

         Other scientific activities:

  • ROLE: Member of the organisation committee of the Réseau Thématique “Méthodes”, co-coordination of the network’s participation to the AFS conference. DATE: Since 2015.