Name: Siresa López-Berengueres

Host Institution: Center for Ethnic and Migration Studies (CEDEM), Université de Liège

Profile: Siresa López-Berengueres is a PhD candidate at the Department of Political and Social Sciences, Universitat Pompeu Fabra. She has completed a Master of Advanced Studies in Cultural Management (2013), Department of Cultural Management and Cultural Studies, University of Music and Performing Arts of Vienna (graduated with honors). She holds degrees (Licenciaturas) in Social and Cultural Anthropology (2010) from the Autonomous University of Barcelona, Economics (2005) from the University of Barcelona, and Music (2003) from the Conservatory of Music Liceu of Barcelona. Her main research interests include the analysis of EU cultural policy as normative-praxis system and the problem of methodological nationalism in the construction of a European cultural space. She is also interested in historical-sociological approaches to the relationship between culture and politics. Her PhD research project focuses on the impact of EU cultural policy on European identity formation and the role of cultural diversity as articulating principle.

In February 2017, she joined the School of History, Politics and International Relations, University of Leicester, as a Research Associate. Previously, she was Visiting Scholar at Department of Politics, New York University; Marie Skłodowska-Curie fellow at CEDEM, Université de Liège; and Research Assistant at IBEI (Institut Barcelona Estudis Internacionals).



        Scientific Publications:

  • BIANCULLI, A., FERRIN, M., JORDANA, J., LÓPEZ BERENGUERES, S. (2018, forthcoming), Linguistic Claims and Political Conflicts. Spanish Labyrinths in Language and Identity in the European Context. Routledge.
  • LÓPEZ BERENGUERES, S. (2017), “Diversity as an EU Cultural Policy Driver: Neutrality vs. Affirmativity in the Construction of a European Cultural Space”, Crossings: Journal of Migration and Culture.
  • BIANCULLI, A., JORDANA, J., LÓPEZ BERENGUERES, S. (2017, forthcoming) “Linguistic policies and claims in a multi-national state: the case of Spain”, in: Cheneval & Ferrin (eds.), Others Alike. Citizenship in Segmented Societies and the Lessons for the EU, Edwar Elgar Publishing.
  • LÓPEZ BERENGUERES, S. (2016), “¿Otro interculturalismo? Límites y retos de la política cultural de la Unión Europea en el periodo pos-Maastricht”, in: R. Zapata-Barrero & G. Rubio-Carbonero (eds.) Interculturalidad y política cultural. Barcelona: Edicions Bellaterra.

         Conference Presentations:

  • CONFERENCE/ EVENT: NYU Scholar Speaker Series. Politics in Motion.  TITLE: “Diversinequality: A Three-dimensional Perspective on the EU Case”. DATE and PLACE: November 2016, New York University, US
  • CONFERENCE/ EVENT: Europe in Discourse: Identity, Diversity, Borders Conference.  TITLE: “The Rhetorical Foundations of the Ambivalent Citizen: Assessing the Performativity of the EU Discourse on Diversity”. DATE and PLACE: September 2016, Athens, GR
  • CONFERENCE/ EVENT: V European Union in International Affairs Conference.  TITLE: “Assessing the Inclusion of Immigrants in the  European Cultural Space: A Cultural Policy Perspective”. DATE and PLACE: May 2016, Brussels, BE
  • CONFERENCE/ EVENT: Europe in Discourse: Identity, Diversity, Borders Conference.  TITLE: “The Rhetorical Foundations of the Ambivalent Citizen: Assessing the Performativity of the EU Discourse on Diversity’. DATE AND PLACE: September 2016, Athens, GR
  • CONFERENCE/ EVENT: 23rd International Conference of Europeanists. TITLE: ‘Continuities and Discontinuities in EU Cultural Policy. Overcoming the Tension between Super-Diversity and Inequality?’ DATE and PLACE: April 2016, Philadelphia, US
  • CONFERENCE/ EVENT: The Multicultural Question in a Mobile World Conference. TITLE: ‘Constituting the Intercultural Citizen: EU Cultural Policy, Volatile Mobility, Deterritorialised Identity?’ DATE and PLACE: April 2016, Florence, IT
  • CONFERENCE/ EVENT: INTEGRIM Third Annual Conference, WP-2 Scientific
  • Meeting. TITLE: ‘How EU Cultural Policy Regulates European Cultural Citizenship: Assessing Diversity As Policy Driver’. DATE and PLACE: November 2015, Istanbul, TR
  • CONFERENCE/ EVENT: BEUCITIZEN General Assembly, WP-4 Scientific Meeting. TITLE: ‘Linguistic Policies and Claims in a Multi-National State: the Case of Spain’ (with J. Jordana and A. Bianculli). DATE and PLACE: July 2015, Zagreb, HR
  • CONFERENCE/ EVENT: EUI-IMISCOE Conference, Mobility in CrisisTITLE: ‘Inequality, Mobility and Cultural Democracy: Towards a Dualization of a European Cultural Citizenship?’ DATE and PLACE: January 2015, Florence, IT
  • CONFERENCE/ EVENT: Cycle of Lectures on Cultural Policy and Interculturalism, GRITIM-UPF / City Council of Barcelona. TITLE: ‘Un altre interculturalisme? Límits i reptes de la política cultural de la UE des de Maastricht fins a l’actualitat’. DATE and PLACE: November 2014, Barcelona, ES
  • CONFERENCE/ EVENT: 11th IMISCOE Annual Conference, Immigration, Social Cohesion and Social InnovationTITLE: ‘New EU Cultural Policy Scenarios of Cultural Exclusion: Repercussions of the Economic Crisis on the Reconfiguration of the European Cultural Space’ (finalist of the ‘Rinus Penninx Best Paper Award’). DATE and PLACE: August 2014, Madrid, ES

         Research Projects:

  • PATHWAYS (Economic and Social Research Council, ORA+).
  • BEUCITIZEN (European Commission, 7th Framework Programme).
  • RESPONSIVEGOV (European Commission, 7th Framework Programme).