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Errant imaginaries: weaving utopias

The documentary collectively curated by the Mujeres errantes group, including INTEGRIM Fellow Kitti Baracsi, is the record of a co-creation process about practices that create a better world every day, as well as an insight into the ‘errant’ experience.


Collective diary of imagination

The Mujeres Errantes group, initiated by INTEGRIM Fellow Kitti Baracsi together with Marta Ruffa and Daniela Adarve in 2018 and since that kept going by several other women, invites errant womxn to inhabit their imagination and contribute to the collective diary of imagination. How do you live in your imagination? How do you feel?  Where […]


Resistance and devotedness: learning democracy under pressure

Three school communities: three ways of building resistance and learning democracy under pressure. The article tells the story of initiatives in Hungary, Italy and Spain. Examining democratic practices on the ground and the conflicts that arise gives us insights into what is at stake in state schools, especially in neighbourhoods affected by the different forms of migration and mobility.