Mapa Integrim

The Bilbao campus was declared a site of historical interest in 2002. Several architecturally valuable buildings are found on the campus. The most outstanding is known as the Main Building (Edificio Central) and has a classic style. The Commercial Building is known for its neoclassic façade. The so called “Glass Building” or “Centenary Building” was built in the 80s, and the Auditorium where most of conference will take place is located there.

The address is Avenida de las Universidades 24, Bilbao 48007.

The conference will consist of plenary sessions that will take place in the Paraninfo (located in the Main Building), while the poster session and photo exhibits will be located in the Cloister, and the short documentaries screenings will take place in the Sala Garate (Main Building). Maps of the university and of the sites where the social events will take place (reception at Bilbao Municipality, dinner at the social centre Hika Ateneo, film screening at the Cineclub FAS) will be provided upon registration.

deusto skyline