Marie Curie Networks Film School

The Center for Policy Studies hosted and helped organize a documentary filmmaking training course for young academics from the INTEGRIM and ChangingEmployment Marie Curie Initial Training Networks.

The MCN Film School was an intensive two-week training program in documentary film-making for Junior Research Fellows of the ChangingEmployment and INTEGRIM Marie Curie Training Networks. It aimed to provide the theoretical grounds for the role of visuality and film in social research; to offer a practical training in documentary film-making; and to supervise the development of visual projects developed by the members of the networks at all stages of production.

It was taught by Vlad Naumescu, professor of visual anthropology and ethnographic methods at the Central European University, and Klara Trencsenyi, freelance director and cinematographer, both authors of the documentary film “Bird’s Way” ( During the second week they were supported by the Czech director, writer and editor Šimon Špidla (