NEW CALL FOR PAPERS: VIII International Conference on Migration

The VIII International Conference on Migration organized by the Migration Institute of the University of Granada will be held in Granada between 16-18 September 2015.

Since 1997 Spain has held a Congress that gathers researchers from very different academic disciplines involved in the study of international migration. Seven occasions were already held: Madrid 1997, Madrid 2000, Granada 2002, Girona 2004, Valencia 2007, A Coruña 2009 and Bilbao 2012.

More information is available at the conference website:

INTERGRIM researcher will convene one of the pannels:

Launch the Call for Papers for the double symposium “Roma Westward Migration in Europe: Rethinking Political, Social, and Methodological Challenges“, that will be held in Granada during the VIII Congreso sobre Migraciones Internacionales, September 16-18, 2015 ( The symposium will be divided into two interrelated panels:
1) The rule of law and the role of law. The practical and conceptual challenges of the policies for Roma raised by the phenomenon of Roma westward migration: between political local context and legal European dimension.

2) Roma westward migration ‘from the inside’. Addressing the ethno-anthropological research gap through the theories of migration.

The first one aims at promoting a critical reflection and debate around the political and legal context of Romani migration within the EU, both in terms of inclusive and restrictive policies. The second panel aims at bringing together papers stemming from anthropological studies centred in the internal dynamics of Roma migrant communities, also in comparison with non-Roma groups.

Please, find further information attached. Abstracts (between 1800 and 2000 characters) can be submitted using the on-line submission form until November 30, 2014 and sending them to the coordinators. In case of acceptance, full papers must be submitted by May 30, 2015.
Please circulate to anyone that you think would be interested!

This event is a joint initiative of the INTEGRIM European Training and Research Network, and the FP7 MigRom Project.

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Tina Magazzini
Institute of Human Rights
University of Deusto

Stefano Piemontese
Center for Policy Studies
Central European University

Giuseppe Beluschi Fabeni
University of Granada

Elisabeth Gómez Oehler
University of Granada

Call for papers – Panel 1 and 2 CfP ROMA MIGRATION Congreso Migraciones