Associated Partners

The INTEGRIM Network will count on the participation of relevant and committed industrial partners who will bring specific insights to the implementation and understanding of the politics of integration. The complementary profiles of the industrial partners will expose the researchers to non-academic sectors in the following way:

 Associated Partners (AP)  Role of Associated Partner
GIZATEA’s participation in the INTEGRIM Network will enable researchers to becomeacquainted with the challenges, obstacles and opportunities faced by the social economy private sector when implementing labour and social integration policies. Researchers will benefit from acomprehensive set of transferable skills: entrepreneurship, corporate social responsibility and innovation.
Institute for Public Policy ResearchInstitute for Public Policy Research
The Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) will provide researchers with the opportunityto be seconded to conduct part of their research project and benefit from a vibrant scientific environment with an events programme which brings high-profile politicians and leading thinkers to a wide range of audiences.
Bilbao City CouncilBilbao City Council
Bilbao City Council will put its vast local knowledge and practical experience in the management of diversity, integration and inclusion policies at the disposal of the INTEGRIM network. Researchers will have the opportunity to be seconded to Bilbao City Council to gain insight practical knowledge on the local approach and strategies to implement immigrants’ integration initiatives.
Luso-American Development FoundationLuso-American Development Foundation
The Luso-American Development Foundation (FLAD) will offer all necessary facilities to visiting researchers from the INTEGRIM Network as well as the opportunity to participate in ongoing research programmes.
Ellacuria FundazioaEllacuria Fundazioa
Ellacuria Fundazioa, together with the possibility of hosting researchers during secondment periods, will be actively involved in the training programme offering its expertise on a number of relevant and complementary skills, including the capacity building of associations, mediation, intercultural and interreligious dialogue, social participation and citizenship of immigrants.
International Organization for MigrationTurkeyInternational Organization for Migration Turkey
International Organization for Migration Turkey will offer researchers the possibility to workas interns at the offices of IOM Turkey where they will have the chance to experience the environment of intergovernmental organisations. It will also be actively involved in the training programme putting at the Network’s disposal its expertise on a number of relevant and complementary skills, including: migration law, migrants’ rights, gender and intercultural dialogue.